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5 Things You’re Storing at Home That You Should Store Here

You have storage at home, but it never seems to be enough. So it might be time to consider moving some of your big space-eaters from your home to a self-storage unit in Toronto, Brampton, North York or Etobicoke.

Storing some of these items can give you an entire room back or enable you to start using your garage again.

Here are a few things that are taking up your space, which could be stored in ours:

Summer/ Winter Toys:

Your sporting goods and toys from the winter aren’t doing you any good at home right now. So consider storing your snowboard, skis or snowmobile.

And when the summer season is over, you can store your boat, water skis, wakeboard, or big inflatable toys like trampolines or floating islands.

Summer/ Winter Tools:

You can also bring us your seasonal tools. This might include lawnmower or riding mowers, snow blowers, garden tools, power washers, or snow shovels.

Cars, Trucks, Boats:

This can take up a ton of room in your garage, or yard. In fact, they can quickly become your entire garage or yard, using up the entire space and rendering it unusable.

Paper Records:

You might have a ton of receipts or tax records if you’re running a home business of any kind.

In case of an audit, you’re supposed to hold on to everything for a few years. In fact, in Canada you’re supposed to keep them for up to 6 years. That can eat up a surprising amount of space.


Many people store furniture they don’t know what to do with, after moving into a new space or renovating. But you should also consider it WHILE you’re renovating to free up space to work in.

If you have any questions about the things you can and can’t store with us, please contact us any time.

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