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The Advantages of Keeping Your Boat in Self-Storage

Why self-storage is the right choice for boats

Why self-storage is the right choice for boats

Boaters in Brampton, Toronto, and Etobicoke are now looking at their boat storage options for the winter months. Many are choosing self-storage units, which has obvious benefits.

When you’re weighing your options on where to put your boat for the season, always consider self-storage units have some obvious advantages over:

Your backyard
If you have the space, you may think about covering the boat for the winter and keeping it in your backyard.

The clear downside is that, even if the boat is covered, you can still experience water or mildew damage to your boat.

Your garage
This has most of the drawbacks of keeping the boat outside, because chances are good you’re not going to climate-control your garage.

Also, unless your garage is massive, you might become quickly frustrated that the boat has completely taken over the garage. You can either lose a workspace, or find yourself crawling in and around the boat to get at tools.

Boatyard/ shrink-wrap
This is a very popular option. However, some people don’t like that this means your boat is nearly completely inaccessible over the winter. So if you want to do any work on it, you have to wait for the spring.

We might be a bit biased, but self-storage units are the preferred method of boat storage for a reason. It’s hassle-free and it’s secure. You can store your boat in a safe and dry environment, while freeing up your space at home and keeping your boat accessible over the winter months.

If you have any questions about storing your boat in self-storage, or winterization, please contact us at any time.

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