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The Amazing Secret to Storing Your Summer Shoes

summer shoesDuring the fall season, all your closed shoes begin to fill the entryway and your summer shoes become this season’s clutter. Therefore, you need to look for a proper way to store your shoes. Storing shoes seasonally creates more space in your closet and helps to keep your closet organized. Plus, it gives you peace of mind knowing that come next summer, your shoes will be in good condition and not squished out of shape. Here are some simple tips to help you store you summer shoes.

Sort Out your Shoes

Determine what shoes you need to store and those you need to get rid of. Is it broken? Did it cause blisters? Is it uncomfortable? If you did not wear them during summer, there are high chances you will never wear them. If the shoes need any repair, make sure you have done so before storing them. Take the shoes to a cobbler to have them repaired professionally.

Clean your Shoes

After repair, make sure you clean your shoes before storing them. Use a gentle cleaner to clean shoes with delicate fabric. An old toothbrush and soapy water can be used to clean soles. If you want to deep clean your leather shoes, drop them at the cobbler to have them professionally cleaned.

Store your Shoes

Once your shoes are clean and dry, it’s time to store them. Use clear plastic shoe boxes to store your shoes. These boxes prevent dust and bugs from getting to your shoes. They also make it easier for you to find certain pairs because you can look into each box. You can put scented dryer papers or lavender into each shoe to keep it smelling fresh. Protect your shoes from getting squished by using shoe tree to keep them in shape. You could also use balled acid-free paper to retain the shape of your shoes.  Do not use newsprint because it can discolor your shoes.

Donate or Recycle your Shoes

Recycle or donate those pairs that you have decided to get rid of. You can donate your shoes to charitable organizations or local programs that use donations to cloth and feed families across various states. There are recycling programs that accept old shoes whereby, they are re-used in an eco-friendly manner.

Pull Out your Winter Shoes

Now that you have stored your summer shoes, it’s time to bring you winter shoes out of storage. You can air your shoes if they are a little musty.

When storing your leather shoes, do not wrap them in plastic. Shoes made of leather and suede need to breath while they are in storage. Wrapping them in plastic provides an ideal environment for mold, worse still, they could get discolored. Choose cedar over mothballs because mothballs have a strong chemical smell and are dangerous around kids and pets. Cedar is non- toxic, repels moth and leaves your shoes smelling fresh.



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