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Self Storage Facility in Brampton

Are you looking for a safe and secure storage unit? Check out this video that will give you a tour around our Self Storage Facility in Brampton.

Below is a transcription of the video:

Male 1: We want to provide the security, the safety, the comfort, the feel that your items are secure here.

Female 1: To be in a transition from one house to another or developing your business.

Male 2: I feel that this place gives me and my family a safe clean environment.

Female 2: I like the newest, very modern, very easy to use, woman friendly, family friendly…

Male 1: This is our new drive up access outdoor storage. All Heated, 24 hours security, 24 hour access. The unit sizes we have are five by five. We have five by ten. We have ten by ten, ten by fifteens, ten by twenties, and ten by twenty fives and then the biggest is the ten by thirty.

Female 3: It feels like an extension of your home where you can come in here and know your stuff is safe.

Male 3: Security, the economics and essentially professional service and I have truly found that here at Safe Storage Depot.

Female 3: Having no worries what-so-ever is comfortable and relieving at the end of the day.

Male 1: Your items here will be safe and secure and be there for you when you want them. Really we are in the business of piece of mind.

Female 1: When you bring in your contents, you want to feel comfortable where your facility is.

Female 3: I want to be able to know that I could come through here and not feel intimidated or nervous or any of that kind of stuff.

Male 2: They all have their own security and alarms.

Female 2: And even in regards to the code, locking your own unit, that was amazing. I keep that on my phone so when I come in I just punch it in.

Male 1: It doesn’t matter what size unit you have, every size provides the individually alarmed system.

Female 1: 24 hours, seven days a week access, in and out. The security that we do have monitors that so that you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Male 2: So knowing your stuff is safe is very import because you want to see that the stuff is protected, so having the contents in a safe secure place is actually beneficial.

Female 2: I know it is safe. I know I will get it as I need to and what more can you ask for. One less thing to worry about so it’s been great.

Female 3: As soon as you enter in, its very warm, that’s for sure. The lobby is very inviting to come in.

Male 2: The facility, I’m just looking at, is all brand new.

Female 2: I love the modern feel. It’s so homy and knowing that your things are… it’s like your things are at home. Like your products or your furniture or your belongings are at home. While you’re just leaving them for a little bit.

Male 2: The staff has been very, very helpful. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

Female 2: It is clean, it is efficient, it’s worth it.

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