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Need to Store Your Summer Clothes? Check out These 5 Easy Tips

portable storage containersThe weather is getting colder and with the changing seasons comes a new wardrobe. With fall and winter approaching, it’s time to store away your sundresses and make room for cold weather gear in your closet. Storing your summer clothes properly ensures that they will be ready to wear next summer. Here are 5 simple tips to store your summer clothes.

Sort your Clothes

During fall, you can still wear some of your summer clothes so you don’t have to pack all your summer clothes just yet. Sort through your summer clothes to decide what you will store and those you will keep. Arrange the clothes in a pile on the floor, separate the torn clothes from those that are in good condition. If you have a lot of clothes that are in good condition but you rarely wear them, consider donating them to charity.

Clean the Storage Area

Clean out the empty drawers, closets and storage bins. If the closet is carpeted, make sure the floor is vacuumed and the shelves properly dusted.


Wash your clothes before storing them; it keeps your clothes smelling fresh and prevents moths and other pests from getting to your clothes. Before washing your clothes, remember to sort out the hand-wash and dry clean only clothes. Clothes made from silk and cashmere could be hand washed or dry cleaned. Swimming suits and other light fabric clothes can be hand washed and dried on the line.

Your shoes are also part of your closet and they too should be cleaned before storage. Deep clean your leather shoes with leather products and store them in breathable shoe bags.


Once your clothes are dry, fold them into neat piles stacking them from the heaviest to the lightest. To keep your clothes smelling fresh for longer, place scented dryer sheets between folds. To prevent your clothes from creasing, tuck some sheets of acid free tissue paper between folds.

Store Your Clothes

When it comes to storing your clothes, there is a wide variety to choose from. Clear plastic containers offer the best protection for your clothes. It prevents molds, pests and dust from reaching your clothes. It also makes it easier for you to find your clothes in case you want to wear them. Plastic containers can easily fit in your closet. Do not store your clothes in cardboards because they easily attract pests and moths.

Whichever containers you choose to use, make sure they are clean and dry. Remember to line the portable storage container with cotton sheets to keep fragile clothing from touching the container. Do not pack your clothes too tightly because they could get a musty smell; you want air to circulate freely around your garments.





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