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Moving Supplies

Moving supplies, boxes, locks and tape are available at Safe Storage Depot.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

Protect your breakables with 150 feet of bubbles which are perforated every 12 inches for easy to separate pieces.

Sizes Available: 3/16th bubbles 12"x60' $17.99
5/16 bubbles 12"x30' $15.99
3/16th bubbles 12"x150' and for the difficult to wrap items $34.99
Large bubble wrap 48"x25 $17.99

Matress Bags

Mattress Bags

Protect your box spring and mattress from dust dirt and odors with mattress bags that are available in just the right size for your use.

Sizes Available: Full / Twin 54"x14"x91" $7.99
King / Queen 78"x14"x100" $8.99.

Sofa Cover

Chair & Sofa Covers

Keep your sofa and chair clean and dry during your move.

Sizes Available:sofa cover 46"x134" $6.99
chair cover 2/pk 46"x76" $7.99

Dust Cover

Dust Cover

Use this durable, clear plastic cover to place over your contents to protect against dirt, water and mildew.

Sizes Available: 10'x20' $9.99

Recloseable Bags

Reclosable Bags

Protect your valuable keepsakes, ie. Photos, documents etc... with multi-purpose, re-closable bags.

Sizes Available: (ss9083) large 9"x12" 15 bags $5.99
(ss9085) 12"x16" 10 bags $6.99

Dish Protection Kit

Dish Protection Kit

Professionally pack and store your dishware. These kits are designed to fit 1.5 cubic box. Kit contains:

  • 8 plate pouches 12"x12"
  • 8 salad bowl pouches 9"x9"
  • 8 saucer pouches 7"x7"
  • 1 12 cell divider kit

Sizes Available: 8 plate pouches 12"x12" $17.99

Glass Protection Kit

Glass Protection Kit

Keep your glasses firmly in place during moving and storage. This kit is designed to fit any 1.5 cubic foot book carton.

Sizes Available:12 glass pouches 7"x11" 1-12 cell divider kit $16.99

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper

Clean, white newsprint. An effective and economical wrap to protect your dishes and other fragile items during your move or while in storage.

Sizes Available: (ss2035) 5 lbs 70 sheets $9.99
10 lbs $19.99

Labels 1


Label your boxes to protect their contents and make unpacking easier by having boxes put in their correct rooms.

Sizes Available:Fragile labels 10/pk $3.99

Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap

Secure and protect your cabinets, hutch etc... with this multi-purpose and easy to use Shrink wrap.

Sizes Available:Handheld $11.99
Large $23.99