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9 Things You Are NOT Allowed to Store in Self Storage Space

self storage bramptonThere are many reasons why you might need to rent a self-storage unit, either for a short term or for an indefinite period. For example, many people have more possessions than they need, others are trying to deal with the tedious logistics of moving, and some just want to have a place to swap out items as the seasons change.

But what many people are not aware of is that there are a number of items that simply are not legal to store in Canadian storage units. Check out this list before you load up that truck.

Don’t Place These Destructive Items in a Storage Unit

  • Any kind of explosives. This should be obvious but it can be a bit of grey topic when you think about it. What constitutes an explosive material? Some fertilizers have explosive properties, for example. How about a canister of propane for your barbeque pit? Always check with your storage unit manager.
  • Ammunition. Bullets and other forms of ammunition are explosive by nature so they are prohibited.
  • Illegal firearms. Firearms, including hand guns, rifles, and shotguns are subject to the “Storage of Non-Restricted Firearms” laws in Canada. They must be unloaded and “rendered inoperable by means of a secure locking device.”

Keep Illegal Items Out of Your Storage Space

  • Illegal drugs. Despite what you see in movies, even crooks have enough sense not to store drugs in a Self Storage space. Not only is it too easy to be spotted, more importantly it’s against the law.
  • Any other illegal items. This is a fairly broad category but is simply common sense. It includes stolen goods, non-registered weapons, etc.

If It’s Flammable, Keep It at Home

  • It might be tempting to keep your lawnmower and gas can in your rented storage unit but you can’t. Likewise, aerosol cans are prohibited by law. Understandably, nobody wants their garage cluttered but commercial storage units aren’t the place for flammable items.

Food That is Perishable

  • The fact of the matter is that perishable foods such as produce, meat, and cheese will do just that, perish, and in short order. In no time at all insect populations and a stench will pervade the space, so of course it’s not allowed. As far as canned goods go, consult with your property manager about his policy.

People and Animals of Any Type

  • Pets and livestock. Even if you are shuttling back and forth between your home and unit, this is not the place to shelter Fido, even “just for a little while.”
  • Humans. Storage units are not to be used as apartments or a place to spend the night while you are in the process of moving. They are also clearly not appropriate for human trafficking.

This list of prohibitive things to keep in your Self Storage Brampton location applies everywhere but your particular property may have additional rules; always check with the manager.

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