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9 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Self-Storage Space

self storage facility in bramptonChoosing a self-storage facility in Brampton is not difficult as long as you take a little time to plan. Knowing what you have to store and what your options are can help narrow down your decisions and make the process of storing your things a lot easier.

So here are our 9 tips for choosing a self-storage facility in Brampton.

Get specific on what you will be storing

It is easy under or over-estimate just how much you will actually be storing. Go through all of the things you plan on storing and make a detailed list, including the number of items you are going to store and the basic dimensions of the items you want to store.

Definitely measure any large items

While it may be too tedious to measure every single little thing you plan on putting in storage, you definitely want to know the dimensions of any large items you will be storing. Storage facilities have a number of different options to choose from, but only certain units will be able to accommodate something like a kayak.

Decide if you need a heated environment

Expensive antiques, documents that are extremely important, wine – all of these may be better off in a heated unit. Just keep in mind that it may cost a little more for a heated unit.

Decide if you need your storage short or long term

Different self-storage facilities have different rental options. Some may offer better deals the longer you agree to rent from them. Also, if you are planning on storing long term you may want more space to give easier access to your things.

Decide if you need easy access or not

Prices for self-storage may also differ depending on where they are located in town. The self-storage facility down the block may be more expensive than one outside of the city limits. If you need easy access, it may be worth paying extra.

Determine if you want an interior or exterior locker

There are advantages to both, and there may be a price difference depending on where you are renting. It is easier to drive up to an exterior locker, while an interior offers more security.

Decide if you need shelving

If you are storing your wine collection or something else that will require shelving, you will probably want to leave room for walking paths.

Determine if you need extras

Some storage facilities offer free use of dollies, hand carts and even refreshments.

Choose what works for you

Choose the storage facility that satisfies your needs best. It may mean paying a little more, but it is worth it to have what you need and when you need it.

Finding the Right Self Storage Facility in Brampton

There are numerous options when it comes to self-storage. Use the tips above to find the right self-storage facility in Brampton – one that meets your needs, and your budget.

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